About Us

For Us, Safety Comes First

Our Story

Since the establishment of Reina Marine Ltd. in 2003, we have carried out thousands of vessel lifesaving and firefighting appliance inspections worldwide.


Who We Are

Recognizing safety’s fundamental role in modern shipping and in compliance with the rules and regulations based upon uncompromising quality, we have established a respected presence in the field of maritime safety worldwide.

We provide highly reliable services, either through our own staff technicians or our worldwide affiliates, thus achieving global coverage as well as enhancing each vessel’s quality upgrade.

What We Do

Cooperation with Reina Marine Ltd, - especially in these highly demanding times - enables all our clients to make their company's respective division more profitable, functional and efficient, saving valuable time and effort on board.

At the same time though extensive training, we strengthen the skills and the potential of respective vessel’s personnel. As a result of this, vessel’s personnel are always up to date with the latest regulations, achieving high self-confidence. All vessels have excellent maintained systems, thus minimizing the possibility for deficiencies from relevant authorities.

Why choose us

Our main objective is to fulfill all our customers’ needs, increasing levels of loyalty and client satisfaction.

Our commitment is to constantly provide reliable value for money solutions to maritime safety industry emphasizing upon total quality and reliability.

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