In Reina Marine Ltd we carry out full services in the Commercial Diving field, providing a wide range of specialized skills.

Through our international offices and our worldwide network of partners, we are proud to offer our clients a comprehensive portfolio of services, such as:

• Class Approved in Water Surveys
• Underwater Inspection in of Lieu Dry-docking (UWILD)
• Underwater Hull Cleaning
• Propeller Polishing, Repair and /or Replacement
• Class Approved Permanent Hull Insert Repairs
• Stern Tube Seal Replacement
• Underwater Plate Thickness Determination
• Underwater Welding
• Underwater search & recovery
• Subsea valves plugging
• Anode Replacement
• Underwater Sensors and Sonar Installation, Repair and Replacement
• Underwater Waterpoofing

Our main objective is always focused upon Quality Service, Immediate Response and Assurance in order not only to satisfy customer requirement, but to exceed their expectations as well.Therefore, no matter what the need is when it comes to commercial diving field, we deliver effective, immediate and cost efficient solutions for the Marine Industry.