As the last means of escape for the crew in a crisis situation, liferafts must always be in perfect operational condition. The only way to ensure this, is through extensive testing resulting in certification of liferafts, conducted by certified workshops as those of our affiliates.

Our associates around the world, hold all the respective certifications from major manufacturers.Since 2003, we have carried out as a team thousands of inspections, always with excellent results.

Our main goal is to prevent you from possible wasted time engaging, in search of suitable and reliable workshops. That's why we offer you the most reliable, economical solutions, in accordance with all regulations related to the maintenance of liferafts, regardless of the original manufacturer.

All the above mention inspections can be combined with the rest of our provided services, such as firefighting appliances, lifeboats etc., resulting in even greater savings for clients company, achieving economies of scale via transport and various other expenses.